Getting In

With a survivor’s wit and a journalist’s eye, Karen Stabiner tells the story of five Los Angeles high school seniors and their parents as they navigate the obstacle course that is college admissions. Getting In follows these interconnected families—three at the tony Crestview School, two at its public counterpart, Ocean Heights High—in their pursuit of a fat envelope from their favorite schools. But the college application process is full of surprises, and each family has to scramble as their best-laid plans start to crumble. 

“A savvy insider’s take on a high-stakes, cutthroat campaign - except it’s not about getting into the White House, but about getting into the perfect college. Stabiner’s sharp, witty tale is as essential as a good SAT prep course – but a hell of a lot more fun.” - Arianna Huffington

“Karen Stabiner has clearly been through the crazy circus that is college admissions, and lucky for the rest of us she took pitch-perfect notes. You will come away from her book reassured that all the other families of applicants are even loonier than yours - or reassured that you fit right in. And you'll pick up some pretty nifty tips about how to play the game. What do you MEAN this is fiction?” - Lisa Belkin, national correspondent, Yahoo News

Limited Engagements

In Limited Engagements, Karen Stabiner offers a wry look at deal making in the movies, in real estate, and in love. From the entertainment lawyer who has never graced the inside of a courtroom to the screenwriter whose new $525 briefcase signals his hopeful return after ten years without a deal, to the dozens of people who “take” meetings rather than attend them -- this is the cast of Limited Engagements, a backdrop to the central story of Rae, a director in search of a studio to make her movie, and Jake, her producer boyfriend, in search of something much bigger.  

“Engrossing. . . hums with authenticity.” - The New York Times

“Penetrating views. . . of the new generation that is running things in Hollywood these days.” - Publishers Weekly

“Always knowledgeable. . . sharp, funny and rueful.” - Kirkus Reviews